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Grannies who are' nt shy...

What are seduction and good looking worth when you enter an orgy ? It's all about giving and receiving sexual pleasure..
Swinger grannies are not sophisticated- they just wanna have fun and a good fuck !
One of these senior sluts told me the other day at the party: " we just want your hard dicks shoved inside our mature asses, pussies, mouths and in between these nice old granny tits ".
Wow, ok then !
This porn blog is devoted to bring you the best bits of the incredible amateur mature swingers world... I get my documentation from those swinger sites offering pics and movies of their parties... enjoy !

Granny Valerie showing off in the tub !

Naked granny Valerie posing in the hot tub
A cool and beautiful granny- here's Valerie, she's famous as a swinger- inviting you to some relaxation in the tub: hot hot hot and steamy !

Valerie is the orgy Queen !

Granny Valerie blowing two guys during an orgy
Wow now that's a nasty granny ! Taking care of two guys... Watch in the gallery above how this oral foreplay is only the beginning of an insane orgy ( warning: some graphical stuff here ! )

Blacks on older amateur blondes

Two older amateur blondes offering their ass in a sex party
What' s happening in the back of these two mature blondes ? Who are the black guys in the background ? Interracial gangbang maybe ?

Valerie so horny desesperatly sucking and slurping a black cock

Clips of a redhead granny slurping cum
Your mature amateur granny star is having a cum breakfast- you' ll love seeing her old wrinkled lips wrapped around this fat cock, and her tongue teasing the head to get the full jizzle in the mouth and swallow it...

Sexy older housewife loves taking cock down her throat in the kitchen

Let's do it right now in the kitchen !

Your fav' granny finding her way in a swinger orgy

Close up on Valeire in oral sex action
Poor Valerie totally lost in a black swingers crowd= she's offering her granny's mouth and wet holes to three guys in this one ! Wanna watch the pics ? Click above for the gallery.

A cock loving amateur mature blonde giving and receiving oral

Horny older blond swinger with cum on her face
It's all about oral sex in this set you guessed... Yup: this yummy fat swinging blonde is getting her cunt licked ! Don't worry you' ll see her eagerly gobbling fat black cocks too in this pictures gallery !

Granny is taking a ride

Rear view of Valerie riding an older swinger
Sexual frenzy during this senior citizen's orgy. Valerie seems to be isolated from the steamy sweaty crowd, totally devoting herself to her horny partner.

Older lesbians with pale butts

Four butts in a row
Aren' t these pale fat butts yummy ? Four older maids you' d like to meet for some mixing- seems they' re getting some lesbian warm up for the moment... before entering the big orgy I guess ! To be honest I can't think of any female swinger at avoiding males= these hot older chicks are all bisexual !
Mature lesbians threesome

Butt licking cocktail

Two grannies licking a nude woman's butt cheeks
Awww.. I cannot imagine what those two dirty grannies are about to do to this ass spreading fat friend of them... Will those tongues stay around the anal door or knock & digg into it ? I don't want to know !
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